Switching out Silverlight for HTML5

Switching out Silverlight for HTML5

Viewing feature is the most imperative thing you do in Hudl, so we spent the off-season making enhancements to our feature player by supplanting Silverlight with an inside and out better stage: HTML5. Why? Since by 2015, most Internet programs will quit supporting Silverlight, which is the thing that we’ve been utilizing to power Hudl’s feature player.

Silverlight accompanies a ton of module disappointments – particularly on Mac PCs. Fortunately, HTML5 doesn’t depend on modules, making it a more steady choice for each working framework.

We’re gradually revealing the new player to all groups. It’s been getting incredible input in this way, however at whatever point you get a glance at it, make sure to tell us what you think. We need each group on it by next season, yet need to verify everything’s working first.

It’s significant Hudl won’t be 100% without silverlight just yet. Regardless you’ll require it to intercut feature online and make Hudl presentations. The accompanying is the thing that will change:

  • Your notes tools are on the right side of the player. Click the squiggle to access the arrow, spot shadow, text note and freehand drawing tools.
  • The gear icon has your menu settings. You can choose angles and change playback settings here.
  • Voice notes and walk-throughs have been removed. If you use voice features often, feel free to stay on Silverlight.
  • A new Hudl remotes software built for HTML5 is now available.


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