Overseeing Joomla Multi-online journal Site: Reality or a Dream

Overseeing Joomla Multi-online journal Site: Reality or a Dream

One of the things a considerable lot of us ponder about is whether its conceivable to deal with a multiblog website with Joomla. Individuals give diverse proposals and directions on this, proposing different arrangements on the best way to achieve the essential results in a fitting manner. In this way, I have chosen to help you safe time on looking through a large number of assets looking for the response to this precarious question and accumulate all arrangements that can prove to be useful in one spot. As you have officially speculated, today we’ll discuss the likelihood of dealing with a multi-blog site with Joomla.

All in all, is it reality or dream that Joomla permits dealing with a multi-blog site? The answer is YES. Joomla permits running two or more online journals on one webpage. There is a choice of including numerous sites in one, with the goal that you will have the capacity to make online journals with distinctive classifications and clients. This is conceivable with helpful Joomla expansions.

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a convenient answer for construct a Joomla site bother free? Would like to welcome creators to impart their posts on it? Overseeing numerous creators in never a simple undertaking. In any case, there are awesome Joomla expansions than will help you finish this. Perused further to figure out what are the most well known arrangements serving to oversee various sites on one site.

Advantages of Joomla Extensions

You will find the genuine force of overseeing numerous websites on one webpage with the assistance of Joomla augmentations. I figure huge numbers of you are tired of standard highlights the stage gives on establishment. In this way, anybody looking for out of the container arrangements ought to attempt such Joomla parts subsequent to these will bring a great deal of profits like:

  • Managing multiple authors with ease.
  • You can give different permissions to users contributing to your site and running their own blogs there.
  • Most Joomla extensions come with built-in comment systems, with many of them displaying Facebook, Disqus and dozens of other comments.
  • Integration of social buttons allows sharing blogs in social media and get likes from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.
  • Ability to import the existing WP blog to Joomla.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive navigation.

These are just the absolute most basic highlights of Joomla augmentations. Move further to realize what the most mainstream segments brag of in subtle element.

Joomla Extensions for Managing Multiple Blogs on One Site

At last we’ve come to the most intriguing piece of this post. With so much being said in regards to the banquet of utilizing Joomla expansions, now is the right time to specify the ones that are justified regardless of your consideration. I picked the most utilized offers. Along these lines, take as much time as required and figure out how you can advantage while introducing each of them.

JoomBlog is a simple to-utilize part used to set up a site on your site. The expansion can be utilized for dealing with two or more sites on one asset, both private and corporate, and group blogging. JoomBlog permits different bloggers to add to the same site. As the site manager, you can give distinctive authorizations to essayists. For example, you can choose which individuals will have authoritative power and who can just impart posts in the website area.


Other JoomBlog features include:

  • Proper information display in different browsers.
  • Commenting system for allowing users to leave their feedback under posts. Using WYSIWYG people users can create visually pleasing comments, whereas Gravatar service support helps to identify comments and users. There is also an option to hide spam or negative votes from users automatically.
  • JoomBlog extension comes with built-in social buttons to help you get likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest, as well as increase brand awareness.
  • It’s easy to use and manage all blogs on your site with JoomBlog. The interface is intuitive and usable, so you’ll be able to edit blog/posts without much effort, adjust blog settings and decide who can share content on your site and who can only look through the posts. Manage and create new blogs right from the front-end dashboard.

EasyBlog is another well known Joomla augmentation, which controls a huge number of sites around the world. Like JoomBlog, this part permits dealing with a few online journals on one website, including individual, organization and even group websites. Impending pressed with various helpful highlights that help making your blogging background more agreeable, EasyBlog has informal organizations incorporation, giving you a chance to post straightforwardly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

EasyBlog dts


  • Access to thousands of WP plugins.
  • Users can run their own blogs within your site.
  • Ability to import the existing WP blog to Joomla.
  • Share blogs to any social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Built-in comment system and the ability to display Facebook, Disqus and tons of other comments with the corresponding plugins.
  • Seamless integration with any Joomla template.
  • Running their own blogs on your website, people will be able to set up other users to be administrators, moderators, bloggers or subscribers.

K2 is an intense substance expansion for dealing with your Joomla website, regardless of on the off chance that it is a smaller web journal or corporate web asset. Utilizing this part you will discover no trouble with changing your site into a news entrance, magazine, items index, and then some. K2 base thing structure can be extended with new fields, which issues you opportunity to make classification particular substance sorts, in the same way as articles, blog entries, item pages, and so forth.

k2 dts


  • K2 offers hassle-free image management, auto-resizing the uploaded items to 6 configurable dimensions, so you can forget about using Adobe Photoshop for image resizing.
  • Owners of content-heavy websites can enjoy front-end editing with access to control settings.
  • Transform your existing Joomla site into a news portal, online magazine, portfolio, multi-blog resource, etc.
  • Comes with built-in commenting system (Google’s reCaptcha & Akismet included).
  • Amazing content modules allow fetching K2 content any way you wish.
  • Extended user groups, user profiles, blogs, and more are provided.

Kaziblog Joomla augmentation can be utilized for overseeing both individual and group online journals. Loaded down with various extraordinary highlights, in the same way as online networking reconciliation, SEO amicability and other, it will work out of the crate and coordinate with other Joomla parts, modules, and expansions.

Kaziblog dts

Among the most outstanding Kaziblog features we can highlight the following:

  • Kaziblog component provides easy management of blog content thanks to the usable dashboard. Creating blog categories and posts, editing and managing content, sharing it in social media have been made simpler.
  • This is a great team blogging solution. Being assigned to the proper user group, multiple authors can contribute their posts to their own blogs within your site.
  • Social media integration allows easy sharing to the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Easy sharing comes side-by-side with integrated commenting system. To facilitate commenting, Kaziblog comes with Disqus support.

Despite the fact that the primary usefulness of Philo Blog is blogging, overseeing labels, websites, pins and classifications, there are a great deal of awesome highlights out of sight making it the progressed Joomla augmentation.

PhiloBlog dts


  • Offers a rich variety of modules, like latest blog articles/comments, most recommended articles, tags cloud, PhiloBlog categories list, most popular blog articles.
  • Plugins to use: PhiloBlog Ping, Joomla Search Plugin, JComments plugin.
  • SEO optimized on all levels (meta descriptions, meta keywords).
  • ’MyPage’ statistics module allows keeping track of your articles with the most comments/hits.
  • Built-in commenting system.
  • Multi-language support.

Closing words

These are seven of the most mainstream Joomla expansions accessible on the net. While some of them are still being developed, there is still much to attempt. Premium parts specified above accompany demo variants for you to look at how these work before the download.

Do you know some other easy to use Joomla augmentations for dealing with a few sites on one site? What do you like/abhorrence about these? We’ll admire you imparting your musings in the remarks obstruct underneath.



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